Lockpicking Techniques

There are many ways to open pin and tumbler lock. Most popular techniques is picking and raking. To do this you will need tension wrench and picks.400px-Lockpicking_Tools

Lockpicking process is simple, but very difficult skill to master. First you need to put tension wrench into the keyhole and apply pressure. This will turn the plug slightly and create ledge in the pin shafts. Then you insert pick into a keyhole and begin lifting pins one by one. when a pin falls into position you feel or hear a slight click. This is the sound of the upper pin falling into place on the ledge. When all pins are in correct positions the plug rotates freely and you can open the lock. Another technique is raking. It is similar to picking, but is much less precise. To rake a lock you have to use tension wrench again. Then you insert a pick with a wider tip all the way to the back of the plug. Then you pull the rake out quickly so that it bounces all of the pins up on its way out. So as the pins moving up and down they fall on the ledge. So you rake many times till all pins sits on the ledge and then plug rotates freely and you open the lock.

Sounds simple, but it’s not:) Some cheap locks are really simple to lock pick or rake, but quality locks is a real challenge. Raking doesn’t work on quality locks most of the time. You can rake some of the pins, but other ones you will have to pick one by one. There are more techniques how to lock pick, scrubbing, bumping and etc. I discovered a really useful  product with loads of good information. More about it later.  Click here to see it yourself.

How To Lock Pick – Pin And Tumbler Lock

In movies spies or burglars can open locks very easily without a key. Is it really possible? It is! Of course it’s not so easy as it can look on movie:) I’m not a locksmith, lockpicking is just a hobby. It is great feeling to open lock without a key:) Most familiar lock for most of us is cylinder locks. Most of them are pin and tumbler design. So how to lock pick them? First you need to understand how it works. These locks have small pins of different length inside cylinder.The pins are divided up into pairs. Pins are blocking cylinder of turning, when right key is inserted pins aligns in shear line and you can turn the cylinder. It’s easier to understand when you look at the picture:) Ways how to lock pick pin and tumbler locks in next post.


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